Code for Life is a church-based, high poverty neighborhood-focused life and technology code skill-building program that young people need to thrive in our data & digitally driven economy.

Created with local leaders in mind, the lessons will take you and your small group or team through a process of reimagining and applying key components of the Christian Community Development (CCD) philosophy. This course will help strengthen your ministry and grow your love for God’s word.

Praxis Connections Review

Removing Incarceration’s Stigma, Living Out Matthew 25

by Dr. Harold Dean Trulear

He has told you, O man, what is good;
And what does the Lord require of you
But to do justice, to love kindness,
And to walk humbly with your God?

Micah 6:8 (NASB)

Our Mission

Praxis Connections creates impact by connecting leaders, strategies, and resources to build stronger individuals, families, and communities through collaborative justice & mercy.

Archbishop Joseph A. Alexander

Ruben Austria

Rudy Carrasco

Romanita Hairston

Rev. Charles H. Hammond, Ph.D.

Julio Medina

Gilford T. Monrose

Rev. Dr. Marc Rivera

Harold Dean Trulear, Ph.D.

Nicole Valentine, Esq.

Praxis Forums Recent Events

Loving Our Neighbor Dinner

On May 2nd 50 some leaders from around the city gathered at the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies for the Praxis Forums Loving Our Neighbor Leadership Dinner! A powerful evening of dialogue on the intersection of Mathew 25, incarceration, its impact & its stigma, the church, policy, Jesus, ministry, our own stories, and more. Jennifer Jones Austin, Julio Medina, and Dr. Harold Dean Trulear informed and moved us to consider some difficult issues around our neighbors who have been incarcerated….

Collaborative Justice and Mercy

The Challenge

How do we love our neighbor in our fast paced, disconnected, polarized, and technological world? Our neighbor the widow, orphan, incarcerated, immigrant, hungry, homeless, elderly, ill, and poor. How do we do it with love and mercy that is rooted in justice? How would we know if we are truly loving them and doing it effectively? Most efforts to solve today's problems operate in silos disconnected from one another. They are not working together to show the love, mercy, and justice of God.

The Solution

Praxis Connections creates impact by connecting leaders, strategies, and resources that incorporates a theory & methodology of change we call Collaborative Justice & Mercy. Collaborative Justice & Mercy is rooted in the biblical values of Micah 6:8 and Matthew 25:31-46 and envelopes the following:

1) Shared Vision/Mission
2) Aligned Action
3) Shared Knowledge
4) Empowered Execution
5) Shared Metrics
6) Models & Mobilization of Resources

Collaborative Justice & Mercy flow out of a shared love of Christ, neighbor, neighborhood, and action.

Praxis Forums

Praxis Forums brings leaders together to foster a better collaborative eco system by building stronger relationships, increased knowledge and effort for Collaborative Justice & Mercy.

Collaborative Coaching & Consulting

Praxis Connections will provide neighborhood collaborations coaching on how to strengthen their community impact.

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Praxis Connections Review

Praxis Connection Review is an online journal that highlights collaboration, innovation, and impact through churches in NYC.

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Loving Our Neighbor & Neighborhood

Seeks to creatively & effectively meet the needs of our homeless, incarcerated, widows, orphans, elderly, hungry, and those living in poverty.

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