March 18, 2016: Leadership Breakfast


Praxis Forums was pleased to have Jennifer Jones Austin and Romanita Hairston speak last month to leaders from across the city and engage in a meaningful dialogue about leadership, collaboration, and how we might more effectively reduce poverty & increase opportunity among our neighbors who live on the margins. First on March 16th we were blessed to have Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies President, Jennifer Jones Austin speak at our Emerging Leader Dinner hosted in partnership with Nyack College. Jennifer described her call to change to reduce poverty and increase opportunity for those on the margins and challenged those there to consider working in government stating that creating systemic change requires understanding about how the system really works. In addition, she encouraged everyone to embrace reality, gain clarity by removing the clutter, and to stay true to and strengthen their core. The dialogue between Jennifer and the dinner participants was very enriching for everyone!

November 2015: Praxis Forums

Our second was held for NYC emerging leaders who attended the CCDA conference in Memphis in late November 2015. Forty leaders came together to hear from Rudy Carrasco of Partners Worldwide talk about his leadership development under John Perkins. Below is a brief clip...

October 2015: Praxis Forums

Our first Praxis Forums was in East Flatbush at Clarendon Road Church on October 30th with Noel Castellanos CEO of CCDA. Noel Castellanos speaking at Praxis Forums in East Flatbush November 2015: Praxis Forums...